Procedure for submitting a project

You would like to obtain financial support to help you carry out a project linked to the missions of the Foundation for the Memory of the Shoah.
The Foundation receives proposals for various projects throughout the year. After acknowledging receipt, the FMS team conducts an in-depth investigation of each of them. If all the eligibility criteria are met, the file is presented for opinion to the thematic commission concerned, then for decision to the Office and possibly to the Board of Directors of the Foundation.
Instruction can take 3 to 6 months.

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1 - Checking your project’s eligibility


Only projects proposed by institutions, not individuals (except research grants), are accepted. For example, publishing projects may be submitted by publishers.


To review your project, the Foundation will need detailed supporting documents, including an itemized budget, a list of other planned partners, etc. If you are just beginning, it is undoubtedly too soon to submit your application. On the other hand, no funding can be granted retroactively.


The projects are examined by six thematic committees, whose areas of specialization are detailed below. The Foundation does not grant any funding for projects outside those themes. 

2 - Download the funding application

There are different applications depending on the kind of project (book, film, educational trip, etc.) and the committee that will review it. Download the appropriate application after you have been directed to the right committee.

3 - Reach out

Relationships between the Foundation and project organizers are based on dialogue and mutual understanding. If you are reaching out to the Foundation for the first time, get in touch with the contact person indicated to present your project, ask him or her your questions and find out which procedures to follow. Project managers and their assistants are here to help you.

4 - Submit your application

Gather all the documentation requested and send the specified contact person your complete application before the deadline (save exceptions, two or three a year). The review process starts when your complete application is received and takes three to six months.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the appropriate project manager and his or her assistant.

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5 - Application review

One or two experts form an opinion on whether or not the Foundation should fund your project. On that basis, the competent committee issues a recommendation.

6 - Decision

Depending on the amount requested, the Foundation’s Executive Board or Board of Trustees makes a decision on the grounds of those opinions.

7 - Reply

We will get back to you about the decision and funding details or to explain the reasons for our rejection.

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8 - Signing an agreement

A partnership agreement spelling out the funding details will be signed if financial aid is granted.

9 - Monitoring the project’s implementation

The Foundation reserves the right to monitor, at any time, the implementation of the projects it funds in order to ensure that the financial aid it allocates is put to good use. In addition to funding, the Foundation can help you carry out and disseminate your project through our network and communication tools.

10 - Assessment

The project’s implementation will be assessed, in some cases at midpoint and always at the end, in order to determine whether it has achieved the goals set and to decide whether to pay the balance of the financial aid granted.